Why to hire a pro

I recently stumbled upon a great article from Seattle Bride Magazine about why to hire a professional photographer for your wedding instead of having a friend do it. One of the writers for the magazine wrote about an experience shooting a wedding alongside a hired professional. The reporter had taken photos for the magazine before but had never shot a wedding. I love how they posted photos from both photographers. Great read.

Check out the full article here.

Here is a quick excerpt:

“I now disagree more than ever with the digital-age adage that “now everyone is a photographer.” Tens of thousands of dollars in education, equipment and experience separate me from the pros. Professional photographers, like any other artists or business owners, need to spend money to make money. When you hire them, you’re helping them pay for their investments.”

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  • I LOVE this post. I am thinking of posting something similar on my blog. I have heard so many stories about people hiring a friend and being unhappy with the result.