Wedding tips

Preparing a wedding is an intense job and there are many things you have to think about. As I was a bride myself 2 years ago I know what I am talking about. I found a blog post on another site with a few tips to remember particularly as they relate to photography. I am not sure where they originally came from, but I really liked them though so I thought I would share. Also I might start sharing other wedding ideas on here from time to time.

1. Run a trial
Take time during the first meeting with your photographer and do whenever possible an engagement or bridal session. So that you all can practice working together. Treat it like a trial run, and be sure to tell your photographer what you loved and didn’t like. This will help to produce the best photos possible for your most important day.
2. Tickle it up
Pictures always look better when you are having fun! Don’t be afraid to be playful with each other -tickle, hug, kiss, talk… Do whatever you would do without a photographer holding a camera in your face. Being natural always looks better in the shots than a face-forward grin.
3. Take your time
No pictures are as important as the couple shots on your wedding day. So take your time. One hour is the absolute minimum for the couple session. And make sure this is your time alone with the photographer. It is not helpful to get your desired wonderful pictures if you have to entertain your bridesmaids or family while being photographed.
4. Spice it up
Throw out the traditions you don’t like and have a celebration that is about YOU!!!! This will ensure that not only our celebration will be unique, beautiful and individual but also your photos.
5. Enjoy every second
As many different things go into the day most weddings don’t go exactly as planned. There will always be something that is not as you imagined it. But don’t let anything get in the way of genuinely enjoying your day. Your wedding day is happening only once! So don’t freak out if the cake is vanilla instead of chocolate, or say the flower girl starts to cry instead of throwing the flowers.
6. Trash the dress
Stop worrying about your dress! They ALL are going to get dirty no matter what you do. And be assured nobody will notice if the trim has a little dirt because you waded through a little grass for a picture you will love your whole life.
7. Formals
If you have formal group pictures taken at your wedding, assign your best man and maid of honor who knows everybody to help gather guests for desired shots. This way you are sure your photographer can spend time on what he is doing best – taking great pictures.
8. Make it up
Don’t wear too much makeup or do something with your hair that is not you. Don’t let anyone tell you that you need tons of make up for photos! You should still be able to recognize yourself on your wedding pictures. On the same note, don’t go without any make up at all, even if you’re a super model. A little make up doesn’t hurt.


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  • I wish I had known more when I got married. I hate my pictures. it was even something I was willing to pay more for to get good pictures but I got a guy who likes his backdrops and poses. I look at other friends who have used him and they are the same picture. I just hate them. He has offered to take pictures of our first kid and of course we never did it because I didn’t want to go back.
    My husband won’t let me re-do them. :p
    I’ve thought maybe we could do 10 year anniversary pictures!

  • You should totally do some 10 year anniversary pictures. How fun would that be. That is coming up quick for you. Where does the time go?

  • great advice!

  • That is good advice, wish someone would have told me that.

  • Great tips! 😀 I’m always looking for new suggestions to use and share with my clients. Thanks for posting. 😀

  • This one of the best tips I have ever read. I may have to incorporate some of your tips for my own brides! Thank you for sharing them!

  • What a great idea to post these tips here, all are so true and will no doubt be really helpful to so many brides!