Wedding idea: The three white dresses

This next wedding idea comes from two different weddings. When I was growing up I remember a poem floating around called “My Three White Dresses.” The poem was about the three white dresses a woman would wear in her life. In Mormon culture these special dresses would be your blessing, baptism and wedding dress. In other religions this might be a christening, communion or wedding dress that you could incorporate into your wedding. At any rate it was a very tender poem and I thought it was cute that a some of my brides incorporated these dresses into their wedding reception.

At Kaitlin and Logan’s wedding they had a display with photographs of Kaitlin in her three white dresses.

At Jessica and Matt’s wedding, which I have yet to blog, they had the actual dresses on display.

I hope you find these wedding ideas helpful. Feel free to leave comments if you have any ideas you would like be featured.

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