Victoria and Chris — Ogden Temple first look

Victoria and Chris are both students a Brigham Young University Idaho. They met while they were both working at the BYU-Idaho Outdoor Learning Center. Victoria is from Idaho and Chris is from California. They spent a whole semester living in the mountains and falling in love.

We did their first look and formal wedding photo session at the Ogden Utah LDS Temple a week before their wedding. I love it when couples do formal sessions before the wedding. Not only do I get to capture them seeing each other in their wedding clothes for the first time we get to spend a lot of time getting beautiful couple pictures. Wedding days can be so hectic. A lot of times we don’t have as much time for formal couple pictures as we would like. Doing formal pictures before the wedding can make the wedding day go so much more smoothly. Lighting is usually harsh during the middle of the day when most couples exit the temple after their sealing. Doing a pre-wedding shoot can help ensure optimal lighting conditions.

I got the sweetest note from Chris about the first look. Such a special moment.

“Definitely what first comes to mind after she turned around is the first glimpse of Victoria’s smiling face. I don’t think I could love anything more in this world than the way I love Victoria’s eyes. I loved the way the bright white of her dress contrasted with her dark eyes. But what I loved most about this experience is the feeling I got after turning around and seeing her dress. I knew at that moment that I was in the presence of an angel. I could not stop looking at her the entire time. She was literally glowing and honestly the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen. I am so happy that the angel I saw that day has not changed one bit, and she will always be the brightest parts of my day, and my happiness in my tough times. And I am so glad to have her as my companion for the eternities.”⠀

I don’t know who was more excited to see each other Chris or Victoria.

Ogden Temple bride

After the first look we went to some of my favorite places on the temple grounds. I love the reflecting pool.

eternal marriage

LDS wedding

Ogden Utah Temple

LDS temple wedding


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  • Kristy

    Love these wedding photos! So bright and full of love.

  • Those gold doors and his blue suit — so awesome! What a darling couple and beautiful photographs!

  • Becca

    I love these! They are beautiful. 

  • Lisa Swanson

    I love the picture with the temple in the background.  The lighting is incredible.  It’s perfect.