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Utah wedding videography

You might have noticed the new promo videos I have released lately. These were all done decently by my friends at Holden Films. Holden was super easy to work with and I was very pleased with how the videos turned out. Here is a little bit more about him and his company. I’ve also included some photos/head shots that I took when we were working together.

Your Name: Holden Means
Company: Holden Films
Genre: Videography
Website: https://www.holdenfilms.com/
Instagram: @holden_films

Tell me a little bit about your business: Holden Films started from a desire to capture true, undirected emotion. From that passion, we have booked weddings and commercial clients around the world.

Tell me a little bit about you: My name is Holden, originally from Oregon, I now live in central Utah with my wife and three kids. Both my wife and I run our own companies and love to travel with our kids.

How do brides find you? A lot of my clients find me through word of mouth from prior clients, or they see my work online and reach out via my website.

Utah wedding videography
What’s your favorite part about being in video industry? My favorite part of the video industry is meeting people and capturing their stories. Every person has such a unique life and personality, and I love being able to capture that.

Why did you decide to do video? I got tired of not pursuing my passion, so I quit my previous job and told myself that I had to make a living doing video. It wasn’t easy in the beginning, but I am now happier (and busier) than ever!

What’s your least favorite part about video? The cost of equipment haha. Everything else is just amazing.

Utah wedding videography

What makes you stand out from your competitors, are all vendors in wedding video industry equal? My biggest thing is that I never say no to an idea. I’ve had a client ask for her wedding video to be a cinematic horror film, and it was a BLAST! That and I actually prefer to travel out of my home state for clients. No vendor in this industry is the same as another. I’ve seen people charge next to nothing for their service and their videos are AMAZING, I’ve also seen people who charge over 5k for a wedding video that turns out sub par at best, and the vendor is horrible to the client.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional to do your wedding versus doing it yourself? There are SO many, professional shots, editing and color grading. Not to mention the hassle of music licensing and dealing with files that can exceed 500GB on a regular basis. Plus many many others.

How far in advance should a bride book/inquire about your services and why? That depends on the videographer. I am usually booked 3-5 months out at all times.

Utah wedding videography

What is the first questions brides usually ask when inquiring about your services? What are your prices, or are you available on (their date).

What is a consultation/first meeting typically like?  Who/what do you recommend they bring? Honestly… we party! In that 30 min- 2 hours we typically just hang out and get to know each other. You cannot understand who a person is by reading questions off a list, but when you actually spend time with someone, you get to see who they truly are and their real style/personality. I always like the bride AND groom to attend for a wedding consult. For commercial shoot I typically meet with the project head as well as other who may be on the project.

What are some things that brides don’t typically expect to happen during a consult/meeting? Watching videos and eating popcorn.

Utah wedding videography

What are some questions you wish brides would ask/knew about your industry: Why should I pay for your services? What is the difference between a full video and a highlight? Understand that not every song can be licensed for your video. There are limits to what videographers can capture at a wedding.

If applicable, what is your favorite package/product/service and why do you recommend it the most? Absolutely my package III. You get a full video AND a highlight video, that way you can show social media the highlights and keep the extended video for yourself/loved ones. Also at Holden Films, IT INCLUDES TRAVEL AND ALL DAY COVERAGE. If I am shooting an event, I set aside the full day, 12am-12am for that event.

Describe your dream bride/client: My dream client is someone who is fun and upbeat. I haven’t met a client I haven’t gotten along with yet 🙂

What do you wish photographers and other professionals knew about your industry? Flash ruins video!

Utah wedding videography

Here is an example of some of Holden’s wedding work. To see more visit his website or Vimeo page.

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