Vendor Spotlight: RoseyMae Wedding Paper Design

Utah wedding invitations

Looking for custom wedding invitations? I love all of the invitations I have seen from Hillari so I was really excited to interview her. I know I learned a lot about wedding invitations.

Your Name: Hillari Bollard
Company: RoseyMae Wedding Paper Design
Genre: Wedding Invitations, Event Stationary, Day-of Papers
Location: Highland, Utah
Website: roseymaedesign.com
Facebook: @roseymaedesign

Tell me about your business: RoseyMae Wedding Paper Design is a custom wedding stationary studio located in Highland, Utah. RoseyMae was started in 2014 by combining a love of all things ‘wedding’ and a passion for graphic design. The name RoseyMae comes from the names of my two daughters: Lauryn Rose and Audrey Mae, who are my inspiration and motivation. They fill my life with beauty and struggle. At RoseyMae Design, our greatest pleasure is creating a beautiful invitation (or really, piece of art) that captures the heart and soul of a client’s wedding day.

Tell us a little bit about yourself: I was born and raised in the Salt Lake Valley and attended the University of Utah. After spending 15 years as a teacher, I decided that I needed a change and started my business. I am married with two girls and a very small dog. I studied English at the University of Utah and Graphic Design at Utah Valley University. I love the mountains, but not winter. One fun fact about my own wedding is that I handmade my own wedding invitations 20 years ago out of hand-pressed cotton paper, never realizing that I would someday start my own wedding invitation business.

How do customers find you? Most of my clients come through referrals from other happy clients. I also attract customers through Facebook and Google referrals.

Utah wedding invitations

What’s your favorite part about being in the wedding invitation industry? I love being a part of such an exciting time in a young couple’s life. Weddings are full of possibility, hope, and love. Each couple is different, with a unique story and style. I love getting to know each one of them and creating an invitation that sets the tone for their wedding day.

Why did you decide to start making wedding announcements? I have always loved creative and unique wedding announcements. I have a passion for beautiful papers and the printed word. Creating a small work of art to announce the start of a new family brings me happiness.

What’s your least favorite part about the invitation business? I might have occasionally encountered a slight disagreement between the bride and the mother-of-the-bride about what should or should not be included on a wedding announcement. Those situations are always kind of tricky.

What makes you stand out from your competitors, are all vendors in wedding invitation industry equal? RoseyMae Wedding Paper Design definitely stands out from all other wedding invitation suppliers. We work very hard to create a product that captures the heart-and-soul of each client’s wedding day. Because we work individually with each bride, every invitation is distinctive. We are relentless in making sure each bride is happy with her invitation. RoseyMae Design is not simply an “order your invites online” company. We care about our clients and give every one of them a custom design experience, no matter the size of their order.

Utah wedding invitations

What are the benefits of hiring a professional to make your invitation versus doing it yourself? It’s a wedding invitation. It seems like it would be pretty simple to DIY, right? Not really. Hiring the right designer is key to a beautiful announcement. A professional designer will have a solid understanding of typography – what typefaces complement each other, how to space letters and numbers, what typefaces are readable and how to place key information on the invitation for maximum clarity. A designer can help you with color choices and embellishments. A designer will know how to create a print-ready file and will have resources for the highest quality printing and paper options. A professional designer can truly help you to create the look you want without the hassle of trying to do it yourself.

How far in advance should a customer book/inquire about your services and why? I recommend ordering invitations a minimum of six weeks prior to the date you would like to mail them, earlier if possible. This gives plenty of time for design, production, and shipping. Because of the production process, some types of invitations take longer than others; laser-cut, letterpress, and foil print typically require more time than a linen or a photo invitation. However, I am especially adept at working with brides who are in a serious time crunch. I once completed an invitation set in four days! It never hurts to ask for help when you are down to the wire!

What is the first questions customers usually ask when inquiring about your services? Q: Can you make an invitation like this? (Insert Pinterest photo here). A: Yes! I can usually make it look even better. 😉

Utah wedding invitations

What is a consultation/first meeting typically like? Who/what do you recommend they bring? Because I provide services to brides all over the country, I do most of my work via email. Most brides will have some idea of the style they like, colors, date and venue information, and a general vision of the look they would like to see on their invitation. Some brides are unsure where to start. If this is the case, I ask questions to determine the general style or feel of their wedding and I design from there.

What are some things that grooms don’t typically expect to happen during a consult/meeting? Most grooms do not know how valuable their opinion is. A groom will very often have a very good eye for design, if they will express it. I once designed an invitation working exclusively with the groom. It was actually one of the easiest invitations to design and turned out to be quite popular. Lots of brides have asked about that particular design.

What is your favorite package/product/service and why do you recommend it the most? I love our beautiful laser-cut wedding invitations. They are unique and very high class. They come in almost any color and a variety of styles to suit almost any type of wedding. I love creating an invitation card that works seamlessly with the laser-cut pocket. They are so impressive and classy.

Utah wedding invitations

Utah wedding invitations

Describe your dream groom/client: My dream client is someone who does not want a cookie-cutter invitation, and who is not afraid to “push the envelope” with their wedding invitation. An edgy or unique style in wedding stationary is refreshing. I also love clean, modern simplicity.

What are some fun secrets about your industry? Before printing was available to everyone, weddings were announced via the ‘town crier’ and then later, the newspaper. Printed invitations became popular in the U.S. in the 1900’s and today some couples forgo the printed invitation for digital invitations.

What do you wish photographers and other professionals knew about your industry? The wedding announcement is typically the first thing that guests see and it really sets a tone for the wedding. A well designed invitation makes everyone want to come to the wedding to see more.

Utah wedding invitations

Utah wedding invitations

Utah wedding invitations

Thanks Hillari for teaching us more about wedding invitations. Be sure to check out her website. To see more preferred vendors click here.

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