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Utah Wedding Flowers

I’m so pleased to share my interview with Marianne Hunt from Mille Fleur Design. Marianne is such a talented florist and such a sweet person. Definitely check out her work.

Company: Mille Fleur Design
Genre: Wedding Florist
Location: Utah County
Website: www.millefleurdesign.com
Instagram: @millefleurdesign

Tell me more about your company: I am a full-service floral designer and provide bridal bouquets, corsages, flower crowns, arches, centerpieces, wedding cake florals, and floral arrangements that span the creative spectrum from classic to casual, fantasy to contemporary, mountainside to beachside. More than just stunning florals, I also provide wedding and event planning and design services for those that want a little more help for their event.

How did you come up with your name? Mille Fleur is named after mille fleur (“thousand flower”) tapestries from the 15th century.

Why did you decide to become a florist? I studied interior design and so floral design was a natural and joyful extension of that aesthetic and education.

How do brides find you (i.e. referrals, google, etc)?: I am active on social media and wedding sites, but most of my brides come to me by referrals — I really love my brides and their families, and I am so happy that they had a great experience and so want to recommend me to their friends and colleagues.

Utah Wedding Flowers

What’s your favorite part about being in flower industry? I never do the same thing twice! Every flower is unique and every client is unique. I especially love that one day I can be designing something organic and boho and the next day designing something structured and traditional and the day after that something contemporary or corporate!! Diversity in design keeps me growing and constantly trying new things just makes me happy.

What’s your least favorite part about floral design? Thorns!

What makes you stand out from your competitors, are all vendors in floral industry equal? I believe that nature is exquisite and I feel so blessed to be able to work with such beautiful elements everyday. I feel the difference between florists is their style aesthetic and maybe their level of experience. There is a lot that can be said for a florist’s experience and knowledge of floral design, their expertise in construction, their imagination and their wisdom in choosing the elements for each project. I have worked in the field of design and floral design for most of my life and so I have been able to see and understand what works well and what doesn’t. An added bonus is that I have been blessed to travel extensively and so my mind is also filled with the grand scope and wonders of the world. I know this has been a lovely benefit and has influenced the designs I can create.

Utah Wedding Flowers

What are the benefits of hiring a professional to do flowers versus doing it yourself? Nature is always beautiful! However a professional designer has the ability to add dimension, shading, textures and layers to each arrangement and to construct a design in a way that will look beautiful and last for your event.

How far in advance should a bride book/inquire about your services and why? My calendar is usually booked at least three months in advance and sometimes more, although there are always exceptions and a last minute bride should always call me just in case I have an opening! Brides should know that the sooner they order their flowers with a designer, the better. When you place your order with a professional early, your flower order goes to the top of the list as flowers become available from growers around the world.

What is the first questions brides usually ask when inquiring about your services? 
Q: #1-Are you available on my wedding date? #2-What are your prices? 
A: #1- I hope so! #2-Every bride is unique and every design I create is unique. I customize each wedding design to each bride and their style and budget.

Utah Wedding Flowers

What is a consultation/first meeting typically like? Who/what do you recommend they bring? I love to sit down and listen to all of a bride’s ideas, look at her photos and then we can brainstorm together about all of the possibilities! It doesn’t matter to me who comes along!

What are some things that brides don’t typically expect to happen during a consult/meeting? I ask for lots and lots of details!! The more the better!

Why are flowers and greenery so expensive? Most flowers are now imported and so because of shipping costs and supply and demand, flower and greenery prices have doubled or more in the last five years. I am now paying more then double the prices I did a few years ago and the bunches are smaller.

Why do corsages cost so much when they are made up of just a few flowers? Corsages are very labor intensive. Each corsage often takes me an hour to create and sometimes more depending on the elements involved.

Why is it important for you to know the details of the wedding day? I want to make sure every floral design is as fresh as possible and will look its best for your day. I also want to make each design is as perfect for you as it can be, so I am interested in the color of the room, the style of the event, the fabrics, lighting, dishes, etc… I choose each element to shine in the environment or room it is in and to match your style aesthetic.

Describe your dream bride/client: A wonderful imagination and an unlimited budget! 🙂 Honestly, I love working with each bride. Every bride is wonderful.

What do you wish photographers and other professionals knew about your industry? Flowers are often difficult and tricky to photograph so that they show dimension and shading. Also, florists make the top of the bridal bouquet the most beautiful so that is what the bride sees as she looks down at her bouquet — for photos, always have the bride tilt the bouquet towards the photographer so that it looks its best!

Utah wedding florist

Utah wedding florist

Thanks Marianne for sharing with us more about your talent. Be sure to check out her website or visit her on Facebook or Instagram. For more vendor features and wedding planning tips click here.

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