Nadia: Who I Am Project

Utah tween girl photography

I was so excited to photograph Nadia and her sister, Naomi recently. They are such beautiful, talented young ladies. Nadia is a talented figure skater and an awesome big sister.

“She is a ray of sunshine in an increasingly dark world, always quick to listen, learn and respond. She makes me eager to be a parent to mold her into a response citizen of the future!” — Mom

Utah tween girl photography

“She is smart. When we were at her house, I observed that she just picked up things so fast and automatically without teaching her. She learns things by just watching! Smart girl. Also, she likes to take the lead to take good care of her sisters at home including changing diapers for the younger ones and helping the older ones to find directions! Good sister!” — Aunt Karri

Utah tween girl photography

“Nadia has shown me the pure joy it can be to be a father just by being who she is. She came into my life and taught me what unconditional love is. This image will forever be imprinted in my mind. Her sitting next to me in the car and holding my hand and leaning and resting her head on my arm. It just shows the love and affection she has for me. Even when she grows up I hope this image will forever my in her mind and heart.” — Dad

Utah tween girl photography

“She loves her sisters so much. When she was in Hong Kong, she tried to make her younger sisters happy all the time. Trying to play with them, hold them and share food with them. She is very observant. She knows the right timing for everything. She knows that if Mommy is mad, she should go away. She knows if we are happy, she can ask us to buying goodies to her. I told you she is smart.

She makes me want to be more loving to my kids. She cares about people and the loved ones around her. She tries to make everyone happy all the time.” — Aunt Karri

Utah figure skater

“Before Nadia’s second skating competition ever she was very nervous. She had a bad fall in her warmup and was scared it would happen again. We talked for awhile about how much she had practiced and that our main goal at competitions was to go have fun. She went and skated her little heart out and that was all I had asked for as her coach. We talked about how the results didn’t matter because she had skated her best but then the results came and she got first. It was the happiest I had ever seen her in regards to her skating and when she received her medal she was incredibly proud.” —Megan Reiner, Ice Skating Coach

Utah tween figure skater

“Nadia has a constant desire to make people laugh. One day she dabbed in the middle of skating element and I just found it so spontaneous and hilarious. For weeks after that she would randomly throw in a dab in the middle of a lesson because she knew it made everyone laugh and made things fun. She has a keen awareness of when to make people laugh and does it very well.” — Megan Reiner, Ice Skating Coach

Utah tween girl photography

“Keep dancing. Nadia constantly breaks it down in the middle of her skating lesson to either the song playing over the speakers or the song playing in her head. It makes everyone around her laugh and is a good reminder to sometimes just let loose and have fun. So Nadia, keep dancing, keep being you without any care for what others think and keep having fun because it’s infectious.” — Megan Reiner, Ice Skating Coach

Utah tween figure skater

Utah tween figure skating

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