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I enjoyed getting to know Sydney and her sister. They are both so talented at ballet. Here is a little bit about what their family said about Sydney.

“What I love most about Sydney is how sweet she is. She is snuggly and gives the best hugs!” — Sydney’s mom

“Sydney borrows my books occasionally and was excited to finish all the books in the Harry Potter series. She started reading them in the 3rd grade and took her less than a year to finish the collection. Pretty impressive for a child that young. — and she understood them.” — Sydney’s grandmother

“If I could give Sydney one piece of advice in 10 years I would tell her to not ever lose her compassionate and loving attitude towards others, and to have fun hiking and exploring the world!” — Sydney’s mom

“Sydney is quiet and very aware of what is going on around her. She is very empathetic and sensitive to what is happening around her. I love how much she pays attention to situations. She sits back quietly and watches and listens before she acts. This is something that I would love to do rather than just jumping into situations.” — Sydney’s aunt

“Every Sunday we have dinner together as a family and she is always willing to help with whatever we need help with. Whether it be setting the table or grabbing something for someone.” — Sydney’s aunt

“Sydney is always making us laugh. She is very sarcastic. Her jokes are funny because they are something an older kid would say. You can definitely tell she has older sisters.” — Sydney’s mom

“Sydney is the best ending to our family. She has so much fun with her older sisters and brings us all so much happiness.” — Sydney’s mom

Utah tween

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