Andrea and Braden — Salt Lake Temple blacktie session

Salt Lake Temple_0016

I had such a lovely evening at the Salt Lake Temple with Andrea and Braden during their formal session. Andrea was one of our young women when we lived in Farmington. It was so fun to see her again and see her in love with such a great guy. These two were gorgeous and so in love. Andrea has such great style — I loved the peacock feathers. It is so sweet they choose to get married at the Salt Lake Temple where her grandfather is a sealer. I always love it when couples choose to do the bulk of their formals before the wedding day. This makes it so we aren’t so rushed and have better lighting than we typically would have after a sealing. We did a first look at the beginning and I always love to see the grooms face when he sees his bride for the first time. Congratulations Andrea and Braden!

 photo Salt Lake Temple_0013_zpsz2ahu9c1.jpg
 photo Salt Lake Temple_0011_zpsrpp4nnme.jpg
 photo Salt Lake Temple_0014_zpsi63wapf2.jpg photo Salt Lake Temple_0015_zpsmcwn9vzi.jpg
 photo Salt Lake Temple_0017_zpsxprgdws1.jpg
 photo Salt Lake Temple_0019_zpsoalfq3ee.jpg
 photo Salt Lake Temple_0018_zpsqobdaac2.jpg
 photo Salt Lake Temple_0021_zpsu7fqthtg.jpg
 photo Salt Lake Temple_0020_zpsqijcfywm.jpg
 photo Salt Lake Temple_0022_zpspddvtiwv.jpg


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  • Aw a couple after my own heart! We also got sealed in the Salt Lake Temple and had a peacock themed wedding, with peacock feathers in our flowers. Love this! Great job!

  • These two look darling and I am loving the peacock feathers!

  • Natalie Jackson

    These are so cute!

  • Great photos! The salt lake temple is so gorgeous, I’m always marveled at it’s beauty. So when you put a gorgeous couple near it, it only makes the shots even better. Love the one where he picks her up, so beautiful.

  • You captured this couples special day so beautifully! Congratulations to the happy couple and I wish you many years of happiness and blessings!

  • Gorgeous photos! Love black tie temple sessions! And she is lovely!

  • What a gorgeous wedding. I’m always awed every time I see photos of the Temple, and the couple in front of it just adds to the pretty. Lovely!