Renaissance Fun

This past weekend Dan and I went to the Utah Renaissance Festival. We had a great time. Neither of us had been before and it was fun to see all the entertainment they had there. We saw a real live jousting match. I didn’t know people still did that! It was very cool. The knights got three points if they hit their opponent and five if they hit their opponent and their lance broke. If they knocked their opponent off their horse they won the match outright. At one of the passes the two lances struck each other at their tips which the announcer said was very unusual. There was wood flying everywhere.

There were lots of of booths selling medieval wares and traditional food. Another fun thing was there were lots of smaller stages with other entertainment. There were magic shows and fire dancers. Our friend Annie is a dancer in a gypsy troupe so it was fun to see her dance. We learned all about gypsies. She did an amazing dance where she balanced a sword on her head. Good times.

This years Renaissance Festival continues this weekend near Ogden. For more information click here.

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