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A lot of you know I am a volunteer photographer for an organization called Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.  I have mentioned it on this blog before. It is a great organization that I feel privileged to be a small part of. This weeks issue of Newsweek magazine features two stories about NILMDTS. Both were excellent reads. (Article 1, Article 2) I am so glad NILMDTS is getting this great publicity! The author followed photographers on actual sessions and interviewed a lot of different people. They also interviewed a NILMDTS photographer right here in Utah. I think anything we can do to get the word out is a big step for the organization to be able to help more families. I hope you take the time to read these as they are both great articles.

Article 1

Article 2


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  • what an amazing contribution of your time!

    i really love the look of your blog. very clean and easy to follow. would love to see the photos a touch larger as it would just give that extra POP! fellow [b]schooler.

  • Truly a wonderful thing. 😀

  • If it was not for wonderful people like you who volunteer for NILMDTS I would not have pictures of my sweet angel Kenner. Thank you so much for doing a GREAT service!