Natalie bridals

Wow, what a crazy month. With all the holiday orders and family stuff it has been awhile since I been able to make a post. Rest assured I am still alive and I have lots of great shoots to share with you soon. Up now is the beautiful Natalie. We are so excited that this beautiful gal will be joining our family next week.


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  • Becky

    She is so pretty! I can’t wait to finally see you again after so many years! Great job on the bridals.

  • Thanks Becky – The time is getting closer. I am so excited to see you. It will be lots of fun.

  • Lovely Bride! I wonder where that was shot? Interesting with the cows behind her and boots. Makes me feel like a Texas bride.

  • Thanks. These were all taken at Antelope Island on the Great Salt Lake in Utah. It is a state park and they keep a herd of buffalo there.

  • What a gorgeous bride!! I know she must love her photos.