I enjoyed photographing Naomi and her sister Nadia. They are such beautiful girls and great big sisters. She is so talented. She excels at figure skating and volleyball but still has time for dance and music lessons. I have enjoyed watching her and her sisters grow up.

“What I love most about Naomi is her smile, laugh, jokes, and vivacious personality. There is really nothing I don’t love about her. What I love most about her is who she is and wants to become. I hope to help her achieve her goals.” — Naomi’s dad

“The day she was born, my life changed forever. I became her dad. I left behind my single life and took on the responsibility to care for and nurture this precious soul. Naomi makes me want to live my life worthy of being called her dad. The day she called me “Dad” was one of the proudest moments of my life!” — Naomi’s dad

“This is the chant she would say to me before I leave the room after putting her to bed.  “Lock all the doors, close all the blinds, and don’t like really don’t lie, and tell mommy too, I love you to the moon and back and please come check on me, I love you daddy, I love you daddy.” I never want her to stop saying those words to me and when we are not together, I hope she can say them in her heart.”

“Dad will always love you no matter what, don’t ever forget that. Remember that LOVE can sometimes be spelled TIME. Always spend quality time with the people you love.” — Naomi’s dad

“She is the person who never gives up. When she finds something she wants she goes for it. She makes me to endure more in my life.” — Aunt Karri

“She is very compassionate. She loves helping people. She would cry for people who got hurt or who were unfortunate. She is also very good at creative writing.” — Naomi’s mom

“I remember one time when we were shopping in Hong Kong. Uncle Jason and I asked her how she would spend her money. Then, she told us that she really wanted to buy something for her mom. It’s hard to see that from others of her sisters but her. Just love this girl so much.” — Aunt Karri

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