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Tween photography boy

Utah tween photography

Keagan is the first boy that I have photographed for my Who I Am Project. He is such a fun kid. He loves to play basketball and is a hard worker. I grew up with all sisters and have two daughters, so I don’t know much about boys, but if I ever had any sons I would want them to be as sweet and responsible as Keagan and his brothers. I see them at church together and they are just such nice kids.

I loved what his grandmother had to say about him. “Keagan always has such a playful nature, an impish nature, that endures him to you. He always wants to show you his newest trick, like doing a daredevil trick on his bike, or a simple thing like his 100% on his math test, or his new basketball shoes. You never know what it will be.”

tween photography boy basketball

“What I love about Keagan is he loves to please and then get praised. He totally gets choice/consequences. He knows what he earns and asks for it. He’s blossoming into a kid who cares about others and finding his way in the world as a force for good.”  — Mom

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“One of my cherished memories of Keagan is cutting wood at the cabin. He would help me carry the short logs I had cut with the chainsaw over to the wood splitter. He was so happy and proud that he could lift these heavy logs onto the splitter and pull the handle that would push the log forward to split it. He would then help me stack the split wood under the deck. When it was all done he would look at it with a huge smile on his face, so proud of what he had done. He would now and then show me his muscle to prove he was really strong. I never want to lose that image.”  — Grandpa

Tween photography boy

“Keagan is a whirlwind with a thousand things going on and I am never sure which one he is really working on at the moment. He is full of fun and laughter and smiles. He is eager to help and is always looking for a job (to make a little money). But, he is happy to help just to be helpful. There are always kids around him having fun running all over the place.

As I said, he is always anxious to make a little money. One time I told him he could help me shovel snow. Before I got there with the snowblower he had already shoveled the area I had asked him to do and he did it well. Not just a push down the middle but had cleared the snow to the edge of the walk and driveway.” — Grandpa

Tween photography boy

“What I love most about Keagan is whenever I see him, wherever he is, he cries out, “Grandpa!” and runs over, puts his arms around me and gives me a strong hug and says, “I love you!” and I say, “I love you, too.” Doesn’t get any better than that.”
— Grandpa

Tween photography boy

“Keagan always does little things that makes you feel important, loved and appreciated. This has happened many times, but we will be out playing or on a walk and he will run up with some flowers he has picked to give to you…just because!” — Grandma

tween photography boy basketball

Tween photography boy

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  • Alyona Oborn

    I love all of these series, beautiful work and I am sure these kids have a blast