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Utah wedding hair and makeup
Hair and makeup tips

Many of my clients often ask me whether it’s necessary to use a professional hair stylist and makeup artist I highly recommend it. When you use a professional to help you with your hair and makeup, you’ll not only benefit from their skills and experience but their professional products too. Drug store makeup and hair products will only last so long and we always achieve much better photos when a professional has been used. This is to ensure that you look amazing from start to finish. A professional will also know what works best with your face shape and complexion. Having an experienced makeup person will make your face look more natural.

Bonus, not having to do your own hair and makeup will also be one less thing for you to worry about on the day of the shoot. If you would still prefer to do your own makeup, we recommend that you apply a heavier layer than you normally do. If possible, avoid makeup that contains SPF because it may give shine to your skin. With that being said, you can always use a translucent powder to help control the shine. Also remember to keep your mascara looking smooth and not clumpy.

*Tween clients don’t feel like you have to do professional makeup for your tween. We want to show off who your child is, so if your kid always wears her hair down, then wearing it up might not look like “her.” Also, as far as makeup, if your child would normally put on a tiny bit of makeup for a school play or other special event, then feel free. But don’t overdo it! We do recommend professional hair and makeup for all clients over the age of 16. I feel this is really important for my high school senior and wedding clients but isn’t something we need to do for our tweens.

Photos of Kait Parkinson doing her thing.

Utah wedding hair and makeup

Utah wedding hair and makeup

Utah wedding hair and makeup

Utah wedding hair and makeup

The before and after of Asheli is pretty striking. Kait really made her look like a super model. Professional hair and makeup made a huge difference in Asheli and Aaron’s formal wedding photos. I 100% recommend it for all of my wedding clients.

makeup before and after

View more photos from Asheli and Aaron’s first look session here.

If you need help finding a good hair and makeup person here are some of my favorites that live or work in our area. All of these ladies are great!

Kait Parkinson

Sierra’s Beauties

The Perfect Look by Sarah

Sarah Nelson

Pro Do

Sandra Fernandez

Elyssa Anderson

Kelsey Stirland

Sarah Burton

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