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Utah tween horseback riding

Utah Tween Photography

Hadlee is such a sweet girl and a talented athlete. She is a gifted horse rider. Hadlee also excels in basketball and art. I have been so impressed with the level of talent all of these girls in the project have had. The youth today are super accomplished. Hadlee spends many hours at the arena taking care of the horses and practicing.

I love some of the things her horse riding coach, Niki Wilde, said about her.

“Hadlee is very naturally talented and athletic. For example, she had no prior horse experience when I met her and within one year she is not only jumping 3’6 on horseback, but she also doing the training herself. It takes her very little thought to move with the horse and find her own balance.

My advice for anything Hadlee decides to do in life is this; ‘Whenever you find yourself feeling frustrated, or questioning what you are doing. Stop and think about why you started in the first place. The love and fire will come back to you and keep you motivated.’

Hadlee is an amazing girl who will be an amazing woman. She is dedicated to what she loves and never gives up. Hadlee thinks deeply and pushes herself to do her very best. She is truly one-of-a-kind!”

Utah tween photographer

“Hadlee has taught us that a person can and should explore new horizons and always try to improve oneself.” — Grandma and Grandpa

Utah tween photographer

Utah tween horseback riding

Utah tween horseback riding

Utah tween basketball plater

Utah tween basketball plater

Utah tween artist

See more photos from her session in the slideshow below.

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