Vendor spotlight: Muted Rose Embroidery

silk ribbon embroidery wedding bouquet reproductions

This summer I took a silk ribbon embroidery class. I didn’t really have time to really get into but I love the look of of embroidery and silk ribbon embroidery. I recently discovered Teagan’s business and I LOVE that she is making these embroidery reproductions of wedding bouquets. So beautiful! The best part of this is it doesn’t matter how long ago you got married she works off of pictures from the event. I’ll definitely will be ordering one for myself.

Your Name: Teagan Sturmer
Company: Muted Rose Embroidery
Genre: Embroidery Art
Location: Marquette, Michigan
Website: mutedroseembroidery.etsy.com
Instagram: @teaganolivia

Tell me a little about your business: I take pictures of bridal bouquets and turn them into pieces of embroidery art that will last for generations.

Tell me a little about you: I am an artist, live theatre actor/director and writer living on the shores of the Fresh Coast of Michigan.

How do brides find you? A lot of my customers come from Facebook and Instagram. They order on my etsy site and we work together through email.

What’s your favorite part about being in your industry? I love helping couples remember their special day forever and ever.

silk ribbon embroidery wedding bouquet reproductions
Why did you decide to do get into making embroidery pieces for brides? My wedding bouquet was exactly what I wanted. Perfection. And when my husband and I moved, it got thrown out because it was all dried up and crunchy. I wanted to help other brides keep their bouquets forever, so if they had to toss theirs, they could still have something to remember it by.

What’s your least favorite part about doing what you do? I hate making my brides wait. But because these take me a good chunk of time, and because it is all hand-stitched, I do have quite a long processing time, which is definitely not my favorite thing.

What makes you stand out from your competitors, are all vendors in your industry equal? I draw the bouquet by hand and stitch by hand. A machine is never, ever involved! I carefully plan out each color scheme, each stitch I am going to use.

silk ribbon embroidery wedding bouquet reproductions
What are the benefits of hiring a professional to do something like this versus doing it yourself? I have been stitching since I was young, and doing it professionally for almost three years. I have had over 50 brides trust me with their bouquets.

How far in advance should a bride book/inquire about your services and why? I am about 10 weeks out right now due to high demand and the fact that they do take me a while to create because I stitch it all from hand.

What is the first questions brides usually ask when inquiring about your services? What sizes the hoops are!

silk ribbon embroidery wedding bouquet reproductions
Describe your dream bride/client: A bride who planned and has dreamed of her perfect bouquet since the day she got engaged. Or maybe even before then! I know that personally, I dreamed up my perfect bouquet years before I even met my husband! The bride has favorite flowers, favorite colors and she incorporated all of that into her bouquet.

What are some fun secrets about your work. I draw it all my patterns by hand!

silk ribbon embroidery wedding bouquet reproductions

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