Daybreak lake engagements — Nate and Ashley

Daybreak Lake engagements

Nate and Ashley were so adorable during their engagement session at the lake in Daybreak. We started out at Soda Row and ended up at Oquirrh Lake — one of my favorite places to shoot. It looks different every time I photograph there. These two are so cute together. Nate and Ashley were married in October in the Provo City Center Temple. Later they had a gorgeous reception at Sleepy Ridge Golf Course where they had a big dance party.

Nate goes to Brigham Young University where he plays on the football team. Go Cougars! They met at a party that some football players attended. They were both there with other dates but ended up getting together later.

As we were finishing up taking pictures Nate saw some kids fishing and asked to borrow their fishing pole. They let him borrow it for a few minutes and he caught a fish. He was so excited — he had never caught a fish before. So fun!

Soda Row engagements

Daybreak Lake engagements

Daybreak Lake engagements

Daybreak Lake engagements

Daybreak Lake engagements

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