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Utah tween boy

Utah tween

“Daniel is an extremely intelligent, capable, attentive, athletic, and wise human being. If he were to write himself into a DND character, I’d choose a thief or specialized fighter. He is great at taking charge and choosing the best outcome for the group.” — Daniel’s mom

Utah tween boy

“Daniel is a young man who loves to read, a trait that I admire. He enjoys learning, and has picked up a good deal of knowledge, which he is eager to share. Daniel has a good a sense of humor and enjoys a good laugh. I don’t know how old he was the first time he came to book group with his mom, but I was impressed that he had read the book and had points to add to our discussion.” — Rebecca Millican, primary teacher

Utah tween boy

“I most love Daniel’s budding adulthood. I often cannot tell that he is still a child, since the only indication of maturity he appears to be missing is facial hair. He loves taking responsibility in cleaning, cooking, planning, and play. The other night I was preparing dinner and thought to make a pie with some apple slices preserves. Daniel stepped right up and said, “I can make the pie.” I gave him a few pointers of where to find recipes for crust and apple pie, and tips when he asked. Besides that, he did the whole thing himself.” — Daniel’s mom

Utah tween boy

“Daniel seems to think along similar wavelengths to my own. For better or for worse, he inherited many of my perspectives and mannerisms and sarcastic observations. In light of this, Daniel is attuned to my feelings on difficult days. In almost direct parroting of my behavior, he’ll find me and talk to me of more-positive thought patterns and better habits. Daniel’s sense of humor is also similar to mine (and to his father’s). Apart from us all finding something funny, he is very good at making up jokes. I love hearing the ones he’s thought of, as I’m terrible at inventing jokes.” — Daniel’s mom

Utah tween boy

Utah tween boy

“I want Daniel to always stay hopeful and confident. He is so talented but occasionally has setbacks and doubts. He could literally do anything besides become an NBA basketball star — though, he could still do this if he practiced dribbling.” — Daniel’s mom

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