Cans for comments


Comment anywhere on this blog and I’ll make a donation to the foodbank.

There’s nothing that I love more than hearing from all of the people who read my blog. So, I’ve joined forces with a few other photographers to put our blogs to good use this holiday season.

From now until New Years Day I’ll donate one non-perishable food item to the Utah Food Bank for every person who comments on any previous post on this blog. Simple!

My life is very blessed. I have a wonderful husband, awesome family, great friends and the amazing opportunity to do what I love — which is photograph all of you. I know that people — neighbors right here in Utah — struggle. Especially during the holidays, it’s important to reach out and lend a hand. Sometimes the smallest gesture can make a big impact. So get commenting — I would love to make a huge donation.

Oh and sorry to have so many informational posts in a row. I have been busy proofing and filling Christmas orders. Rest assured I have lots of fun shoots to post. Regular posts will resume next week after my holiday deadline has passed.


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  • Kelli

    What a fabulous thing to do, thanks Erin!

  • Does this comment count? I love this idea!! Just finished up mine and LOVED it. 😀 Hope you get lots of comments. You’re awesome in your willingness to help others. 😀

  • Sure does. Any comment on any post counts.

  • Rheo

    I am proud to have such an amazing cousin with so much ambition.
    What a great way to make a difference! Thanks Erin!

  • Megs

    Here is a comment so you can donate a can! Love you Er!

  • Thanks everyone for participating in Cans 4 Comments. I was able to donate 30 cans to the Utah Food Bank.