All the Photographers

This week I was highlighted on the All The Photographers Blog, a database of photographers from around the world. It is a pretty new site and I am flattered to be amoung one of the first photographers showcased. This will be an amazing site and will be a great tool to help you find a photographer (any type of photographer).

Check it out and don’t forget to leave comments and share the link with your friends! To view the article click here.

Also remember Cans 4 Comments is still going on. For each comment on any post on this blog I will donate one can of food to the Utah Food Bank. I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season. Thanks for all of your support of me and my business. Merry Christmas.


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  • danelle skelton

    That is so cool that you got to do that!! Count me in for cans for comments!

  • congrats Erin! btw I like the new look to your blog!