Alissa and Bryce — Engaged

I had a wonderful time with Alissa and Bryce during their engagement session in Ogden on 25th Street. We ended up and at the Union Station and it was the perfect location for them. I am so excited for their wedding in June at The Copper Nickel. I have enjoyed hearing about all the fun things Alissa has been planning. It will be a beautiful evening.

Utah engagement photos

Alissa and Bryce were high school sweethearts. A little bit from Alissa about how they met:

“I was at the mall with my two friends Shaylee and Lex. We where hanging out over by the food court when we ran into our friend Dalton and a cute guy I hadn’t met before.

I started talking to this guy I didn’t know found out his name was Bryce and that he went to my school and that we even had the same friends. I couldn’t believe it. How have we not met before? I didn’t believe he was telling the truth until he showed me his school ID. To this day Bryce claims I was too worried about a crush I had on another guy to notice him. We spent the night hanging out at the mall talking and laughing. I still remember how disappointed I was when I had to go home and he never asked for my phone number.

My friends and I where having a sleepover and spent the majority of it gushing about this cute guy we just met. Then we all got a text from an unknown number. It was Bryce. He was too nervous to ask for our numbers so he waited to steal them from Dalton’s phone. From then on we would text all the time and hang out at school and sometimes on weekends. I was twitter pated yet I thought he had a crush on my friend. I tried to see who he liked. There was a dance coming up and I really wanted to go so I asked Bryce if he was going to ask anyone. He said dances where lame and he had no one to ask. Disappointed I figured he didn’t like me and we would just be friends.

Then a few months later all that changed when he tricked me into going on a date! Bryce and I where instant friends. I can’t believe he has been in my life for nine years. We have been through everything together and I couldn’t imagine having anyone else by my side. I can’t wait to marry my best friend!”

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  • These are So adorable!  I love that they are high school sweethearts, I always think that’s the sweetest thing <3

  • Beautiful work as always Erin!

  • Whitney

    I LOVE how their colors just pop! You can totally feel the love and connection these two have!

  • Anna Roberts

    Aww these are adorable!! Such a cute story :)♡

  • Your photography is gorgeous! Being behind the scenes at this shoot was cool to see it in action! This is a gorgeous couple inside and out! Takes serious talent to bring both out in a photo! 

  • Madison

    These photos capture Alissa’s and Bryce’s personalities so well, and of course, their adoration for each other. 

  • Such rich, beautiful portraits! And what a cute couple!