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Utah tween photography

Aleah is such a smart girl. She loves to read. Aleah also loves soccer and playing the piano.

Her mom said, “Aleah has many talents. Among them are archery, piano, soccer, singing. Of all of them though, her greatest talent is her ability to work hard at something and make it a talent. One of my most favorite things is watching Aleah work at a piano piece. It always starts with her being a bit frustrated and angry at it. But bit by bit, she works through it and eventually she creates a beautiful piece that she can play easily. Her determination to stick with that process is a priceless talent. It makes the product at the end so much more valuable.

Aleah never does a job half way. It doesn’t matter if its a school project or a chore around the house. If she agrees to do it, it will be done well and without repeated reminders or complaining. She takes pride in her work.”


Utah tween photographer soccer player

“I love her confidence. Aleah doesn’t care much about what other people think. She knows who she is and she’s comfortable with being herself. I believe she truly likes herself. She doesn’t seem fake or like she’s trying to be someone else.” — Aleah’s mom

Utah tween photographer book lover

“Aleah is amazing! She is smart, talented, loving, compassionate, beautiful, and fiercely loyal.  Her smile makes my heart smile.” — Aleah’s dad

Utah tween photographer

Utah tween photographer

Utah tween photographer

“Aleah is a great friend because she cares about me and keeps me from too much trouble. She has her own great and crazy personality that makes me happy and lucky that I have her as one of my best friends.” — Aleah’s friend Addison

Utah tween photographer reading

Utah tween photographer

See more photos from her session in her slideshow below.

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