Air show fun


I grew up just a few miles from Hill Air Force Base. We regularly had F-16’s flying over our house leaving smoke trails in the sky. They fly over so often you kind of got used to them and would tune out the noise. I never noticed it until I moved away for a few years and then came back. Sometimes it is funny to see cars parked on the side of the road by our house watching the planes — you can tell they must be tourists. However, whenever the air show happens everyone stops and watches the planes. I have fond memories of watching the air show from the roof or deck of our house. They always have the Thunderbirds as the final act. People get really excited for the air show because it is just cool.

Saturday we had a rare day off so Dan and I headed to the base for this year’s air show. It was neat to be closer and watch everything from the tarmac. There were a lot of people and the traffic was horrid but we had a great time. The weather was perfect and we had a great view of the action. I brought along my camera and got a few shots. After the show I was able to get a little closer and see the Thunderbird pilots get out of their planes and come over and sign autographs. It was very cool and reminded me of my newspaper days. It is amazing that they can fly so close together. Here is a little bit of my view of the air show.











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  • Hey Erin! Thanks for your comment! These pictures are soo cool! We should definitely get together sometime. oh hey are you going to the pug meeting next week? I’m definitely going to try and make it, I’m so lost when it comes to flash and lighting! Hopefully I’ll see you there!

  • Larry

    Thanks for sharing, Erin. These are just great.

  • Mike

    Holy cow, you’re way talented. Those are great pictures!

  • These are amazing, Erin! I have never seen an air show, so this is some great insight and truly impressive.

  • I seriously said “WOW, that is awesome” audibly like five time looking at these! GREAT job!