Daybreak tween

I had a lovely time with cute Abby and her mom. I love photographing these tween sessions. Here is a little bit about what Abby’s mom had to say about her.

“Abby is a good, kind girl. She’s not afraid to try new things. She is a good friend and a good sister. Abby is also determined, a peacemaker, and not afraid to learn new things.”

“During our school at home period, Abby would often sit down and get all her work done in one sitting. She just wanted to get it over with and wouldn’t let anything get in her way.”

“Abby is exactly the middle child, so clearly, she’s in the middle of everything. Sometimes the kids don’t get along, but she often will compromise and just take charge to make things better.”

“Abby has wanted to learn to cook. She can make crepes, French toast, muffins, and more. Sometimes her cooking doesn’t work out, like when she tried to make conversation hearts and frosting, but she doesn’t give up!”

“Abby is really good at saving money for things she wants. She first worked really hard to buy herself a hover board. She recently saved to buy Swagcycle by doing lots of babysitting and cleaning at home.”

“Abby has kept a very clean room for probably a couple years now. Sometimes she even makes her sister’s bed just to be nice. Abby works hard at school and nearly always earns great grades.”

“When Abby was younger, she wanted a bird like her school teacher had. We said she could have one if she stopped sucking her thumb by a certain date. She did! So we had to get a bird. We told her she had to clean its cage and she always has. She loves her bird and is good at taking care of him.”

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